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Flash Willy

I am busy tying for Russia at the moment and as it's an early season trip - first week of the Spring Run, I'm preparing a number of heavy flies, starting with this Willy Gunn Snaelda variant which I've christened 'Flash Willy. The fly uses alot of Orange Krinkle Flash and Gold Krystal flash in the tail, whilst both body and tail hackles are an Orange-dyed Guinea Fowl from Whiting Farms.

I think the Guinea Fowl adds a very natural variegation to the fly. Like all my flies, it's had the rough and tough treatment - hair is glued in, the hackles are over-wrapped, the body is super glued and is as hard as a bullet! And finally the cone is both glued and locked in with a melted tube. I've tied a dozen and I'll let you know how it works when I get back!

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