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Mahna Mahna Fly

The Pink Sparkle Shrimp is listed by Anthony Route's Flies for Alaska as a key pattern for Pacific Salmon, who strongly favour flies with bright pink and flash. I've give these the luxury treatment with improved shell-back and eyes. I took a Coho and a number of Pink Salmon on this fly in August.

My daughter calls these the Mahna Mahna Fly. Muppet fans will understand! ( So you can imagine me standing up to my waist in the river, casting this fly and singing to myself ....mahna mahna do do di do!

The Mahna Mahna is made with a Mustad Single Salmon hook Size 2 SL53UNPBL, weighted with a heavy lead (free) wire. The feelers are Pearl Flashabou, the body hackle is a heavily palmered Whiting Cock Cape spade feather in pink. the rib is 6lb mono, and eyes are constructed with 60lb saltwater shock leader and 11/0 Miyuki beads. The shellback is Magic Shrimp Foil from Siman in the Czech Republic and the thread is UNI 8/0 in pink.

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