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Russian Rogie

A change of pace today - we stay close to the Arctic Circle, but go around the world to Russia, home of the planet's last huge Atlantic Salmon runs - that's huge salmon and huge runs! The Rogie originated in Scotland but is now a fly of choice in Western Russia. Here I have tied it on a heavy copper tube. This is a specialist large bright fly for heavy water - perfect for the first 2-3 weeks of the Kola Peninsula run. You will need a 15 foot 10 weight rod with Skagit line to cast this monster. Remember to duck as this whistles past your ears! If you like my flies you can follow me on Twitter at @PrettyfliesUK.

The Russian Rogie is tied on a 2 inch extra heavy copper tube - the fly itself is almost 4 inches long. The body is give the full 'tough' treatment - the Green Holographic is super-glued to the tube, then over- varnished. The tag and rib are tied with the varnish wet so they sink into the body varnish and are also glued on. The wing is a mix of black, yellow and orange bucktail that is super-glued in place and generously highlighted with red and yellow flash. The fly is finished with dyed and varnished jungle cock and the head is super-glued and then also varnished. This is one tough mean fly!

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