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Clouser Competition!

Today's post is a selection of clousers I tied for my Alaska trip this year, in pink, chartreuse, magenta, and black (from bottom to top) . I will send one example of each fly to the person* who best answers the questions below. You can play at See below for rules.

Clouser Questions

1) Who invented the Clouser Fly?

2) What does the Clouser Fly imitate?

3) Which fish was the Clouser originally tied for?

4) What two things are special about the way a Clouser moves in the water?

5) Which colour fly would I tie on first for Coho Salmon?

6) Which colour fly would I tie on first for Chum Salmon?

7) Which fly has a special name of its own, what is it and why?

Conditions of the Competition

a) Please note this post is not commercial, your email address will not be retained and you will not be contacted for sales - I am a private individual.

b) * If the winner is UK based I will send you the flies, including postage absolutely free. Anyone else in the world can play too, and can also win, provided they are happy to pay postage costs.

c) The answers and the selection of a winner are in my sole discretion.

d) Answers will be published next week!

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