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Copper Cascade

Today's fly is a Copper Cascade - a heavy tube version of Ally's Cascade designed for maximum depth and visibility in heavy and turbid water. Use this fly when the river is just fining down after heavy rain or earlier in the season. You'll need to be a reasonable speycaster and roll this fly to the surface first before casting or use a Skagit line.

The Copper Cascade is tied on a 1 or 2 inch lined heavy copper tube. The long tail is orange and yellow bucktail and, rather than being mixed, is tied with the colours separated for maximum contrast and visibility. The clear Krystal flash in the tail of the original design is replaced with layers of Gold and Red Flash, again for visibility. The tag and rib are oval tinsel. The body is half holographic silver tinsel and half black and the wing is black fox with silver Krystal flash The double collar is yellow and orange and the head is varnished Fire Orange thread - again to maximise visibility.

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