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Prettyflies Prawn Cocktail!

A Trio of Shrimps lightly garnished with Sparkles. I've posted some of my Sparkle Shrimps before, but this shot nicely shows the three primary colours. Anthony Route said in Flies for Alaska that the shrimp is a staple diet for Pacific Salmon and his top three colour picks were pink (for Pinks and Coho), chartreuse (for Chum) and black (as a change colour when the first two don't work). Some days the fish will only take black ones. Sparkle Shrimps are made with Mustad Single Salmon hooks Size 2 SL53UNPBL, weighted with a heavy lead (free) wire. The feelers are Pearl Flashabou, the body is UV Fritz with a heavily palmered Whiting Cock Cape spade feather in the appropriate colours, the rib is 6lb mono, and eyes are constructed with 60lb saltwater shock leader and 11/0 Miyuki beads in black or silvered red. The shellback is Magic Shrimp Foil from Jan Siman in the Czech Republic and the thread is UNI 8/0 in the appropriate colour.

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