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Fuchsia Popsicle

Another 12 Fuchsia Popsicles for my Alaska box!

The Fuchsia Popsicle is a longstanding Alaskan classic that developed from the Alaskabou series of flies. Alaskabou flies were developed by George Cook in the 1980s when he was guiding in the Bristol Bay area. Originally tied with marabou, the pink and purple was the very first in the range and originally called the "Showgirl". Now marabou is a great material with high mobility, but it can be fragile and does tend to wet down to almost nothing, so over the years the pattern has been bulked out with other materials. This was the single most successful fly on my 2018 Alaska trip, landing over 30 salmon including a 30lb+ King on a fly I donated to a fishing buddy.

My "Pretty and pretty tough" version of the Fuchsia Popsicle includes a flash tail, a body of cross cut fuchsia bunny strips and a Whiting purple schlappen hackle tied on a weighted #2 heavy Mustad streamer hook, all secured with Uni 8/0 in fluorescent pink. A real showstopper!

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