Flies need to do a number of things. They need to catch fish. They need to be tough. They need to be the right size for the water temperature. They need to fish at the right depth. They need life and movement. They need the right profile in the water. They need to be the right colour for the water and season. They need to be matched to location and species. But they can also be fun, artistic, challenging, novel and unique.

Most importantly, you need to feel the thrill of possibility when you tie one on.  Scroll down for thrills.


Atlantic Salmon Doubles

Classic Scottish and Irish Patterns

These flies can be tied on double or single hooks from Size 6 to Size 12
and are suited to mid and low water conditions in the British Isles and similar rivers elsewhere.


Altantic Salmon Tube Flies

Versatile flies that can be tied on plastic or copper tubes.

Tube flies can be fished with classic spey lines or with variable density multi-tip lines for extra depth control. The heaviest 2 inch copper tubes will require Skagit lines. Tube flies and Multi-tip lines can seem complicated when you first use them, but they give you remarkable control over depth and presentation. Please feel free to reach out for a chat.

As is usual, my tube flies are sold without tube hooks. If needed, I can supply these at between £8 - £14 per pack depending on brand and pack quantity. I make no margin on these so I'm happy to point you at the right hooks if you prefer to buy them yourself.


Custom Snaeldas

“There is a real skill in accurately and faithfully reproducing proven and successful patterns.​
There is even more in creating and proving new patterns of your own.”

Alaska & Pacific Salmon

More Awesome stuff


Thanks for looking through all my flies!

I hope you feel inspired by what you have seen.  Tight lines !



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