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My Fly Desk

Because I offer entirely custom-made flies, price does vary and will be individually quoted. However, I know that you would like to understand the likely price range. My flies are priced at around or slightly below retail shop prices - after all, I don't have to pay staff, rates and all that other stuff.  Instead, you get personal service, tough flies and the benefit of my expertise. 


3 Fly Trial Pack (same pattern, loose) - £10-£12 +p&p

12 Flies (same pattern, loose) - £39.99 - £49.99 + p&p

18 flies (preselected variety, Boxed) - £79.99 - £99.00 +p&p


Add £1 per fly for Jungle Cock Eyes, spade feathers are free.
Add approx £35 to upgrade to a genuine Richard Wheatley Box.
Add approx £50 to upgrade to a luxury mahogany, walnut or oak presentation box.
Subtract £15 if you want a box set of flies without the box.


This was a recent special order of Snaeldas,
tied on light plastic tubes for a shallow Scottish spate river where the fish strongly favour yellow flies. Priced at £39.99 plus p&p

Every aspect of a fly, colour, size, weight, dressing type etc can be customized to your specific needs. The challenge in this order was that the metal carrot-shaped tubes usually used for Snaeldas were too heavy for this river. I modified the internal design of the fly to create the classic carrot shape on a flat plastic tube.​

packaged dundee order.jpeg
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