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Alaskan Clouser

The Clouser needs little introduction. Invented by Bob Clouser, it is one of the mostly widely usable flies in the world. Originally tied for smallmouth bass, this baitfish imitation will take fish almost anywhere, from saltwater through estuaries and to rivers. All you need to do is vary the size and colour to match the local minnows. These clousers here are tied in pink and purple - 'Alaskan' colours for pacific salmon. And before you ask - no, never seen a baitfish in these colours - but it still works! You can see more of my flies at

This Clouser is made with a heavy 6mm Funky Fly Tying dumbell superglued and wrapped to an extra heavy #2 Mustad hook. The tail and wing are of purple and pink bucktail and the body has been superglued and overwrapped with pearl braid. The thread head is a Uni 8/0 in hot pink superglued and varnished. Another fly that meets my core values - Pretty and Pretty Tough.

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