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Tyer's Own Box: Alaska Trout and Salmon

Today we have a sneak peek at another of my own fly boxes - many people prefer these to the 'usual glamour' photos as they get a real picture of a a set of flies. This box is the second of three I took to Alaska this summer.

From left to right we have Realistic Mice*, Wooly Buggers* in four colour combos, Pink Spankers, small and large Battle Creek Specials, Coho Kryptonite in Chartreuse, Black and Red and Polywog surface commotion flies in Pink and Chartreuse (flies marked * tied by the amazing EuniceFlies).

The most successful for me were the Realistic Mice (taking a large rainbow), and the Coho Kryptonite and Polywogs in Chartreuse (taking Coho Salmon).

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