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Golden Prawn Trio

One of the things I've been working on is my consistency - being able to produce identical flies. It's one of the things stressed by the Fly Dressers Guild certificates and if you have not used the scheme I would highly recommend it as a way to improve your tying. It means measuring everything, picking out a dozen matching hackles before you start, counting turns of tinsel and wraps of thread, and aiming for identical positioning of each component. When I started I thought it was strange - why would you want to make an essentially hand-made item look as if it came off a production line. The fish aren't going to say "hmm that head's a bit big" or "ooooh look at that hackle - it's larger than the last one"! But having done it, I can see the skills it builds. It does make you a better tyer.

The Golden Prawn: Fulling Mill Magni Double Hook in Black Size 6. Tail and wing are yellow-dyed American Opossum from FutureFly - each hair fades from bright yellow to brown and black to give a naturalistic look. The body is golden holographic tinsel with oval silver tinsel tag and rib. The feelers are black boar bristles. The hackles are large yellow and black feathers taken Whiting 4B hen capes which are also brightly dyed. The head is finished with black thread, varnish and Jungle Cock nails.

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