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Flash Fly

The Flash Fly is relatively easy to tie, exceptionally tough and long lasting, and probably the single most productive fly for Coho Salmon. In August, it's the 'go-to' - the first fly to try in most locations. It can be tied in different colours including black, purple, chartreuse and pink, but the original Red is, according to Anthony Route, the most effective. I caught around 20 Coho and Pinks on this in August this year.

The Flash Fly is made from a Mustad Salmon Hook SL53UNP-BL. It's 3x long so makes an excellent streamer hook. The body is heavily weighted with thick lead (free) wire. The tail is made from saltwater silver flash and the body is a tough silver braid which is applied over superglue on the lead weighting and hook. The under-wing of stacked bucktail and over-wing of saltwater silver flash are also tied and superglued in place before a heavy application of Whiting 4B hen hackle. The hackle rachis (stems) are overwound to protect them from salmon teeth and then super glued and varnished. This summer I caught 15 Salmon on one single fly before losing it to an underwater tree stump - and it still looked like new. This is a beast of a fly and highly recommended.

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